The Migration Crisis?

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The Migration Crisis?

Was there a refugee crisis in 2015-2017? What can be considered as a crisis, and what are the lessons learned from the last years? Who are engaged with the local, national and supranational decisions on migration management and what are limitations thereof? How are we to cope with women and children vulnerability in the current refugee context? To be able to answer these questions, this book provides an extended overview of several legal, social, political and economic aspects considered as a migration crisis. By reflecting on the root causes of current mobilities, the limitations of legal frameworks, the role of humanitarian agencies and law enforcement practices, this editorial volume provides an in-depth understanding and the necessary insights into the role of different actors in this field and the unintended consequences of EU and local policies in and outside the EU borders. Written by excellent experts from different disciplines such as legal studies, governance, social science, human geography and criminology, this book provides a roadmap for those who would like to learn more about the social, economic and legal interrelations of the EU migration management strategies, and the local implications of top down decisions in sending, transit and host countries. The authors provide a perceptive analysis on current issues in Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Albania, Sweden, The Netherlands and other countries to illustrate the challenges and complexity of current global mobility patterns on different scales. The collected cases are raising critical questions about responsibility, accountability and geopolitical crimes in the 21st century. All in all, this book is a must to read for those who are deeply concerned about the issues of mobility and exclusion triggered by the EU and the national arrangements between border countries.

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    Datum publicatie : 05-2018


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